Squarespace Website Design for Artists

My Website Design Philosophy

Make a creative difference in peoples lives. I specialize in the Art of Web Design. It is my goal to bring something artistic and personal into all of the design work I do.   My Clients Are Creative Trail Blazers!
The Internet is not a dress rehearsal —   It's always Showtime in CyberSpace.
Your website is your domain — your home in cyberspace and it should  "show well—  think "curb appeal."  It is your personal property and your opportunity to present your best first impression I find creative possibilities in one-of-a-kind artistic career paths.


Nancy Nichols
Squarespace website portfolio

Carol Durham | Fiber Artist


Yvette M Connor | Stained Glass


Carmen Zeni Pilates Body Balance Mill Valley

Coffee Art Works  | Nancy Nichols painting with coffee

Coffee Art Works | Nancy Nichols painting with coffee


Websites don't need to be complicated or expensive.

Website design can seem overwhelming at first with so many choices and unfamiliar terminology.  If you are just getting started contact me for information about the various aspects of designing your website. I am available for a free consultation and can help you understand the best direction for your personal needs. 

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Pricing - I offer a free 30 minute consultation to outline the best way to go forward. My fee is $75. per hour. I am typically able to get a new client building their own Squarespace website within two hours.  If more time is required pricing is determined by a project based proposal. I also design Squarespace websites from "Start to Finish" when desired. 

Once I linked to Squarespace from GoDaddy my old site went down. I decided I might as well launch it and do the tweaks here and there.
Thank you for all your help. You really got me over the first big obstacle and now I really know how to navigate Squarespace and ask for help. They are great. Never make me feel stupid. I must admit that I am rather proud of myself. This was a huge accomplishment for me. I have been thinking about it for literally years."
 ~ Claudia Tarantino, Porcelain Sculpture

My website design Priority Points

I work with  Squarespace for website design and I encourage my clients to become a part of the learning and development process.  This hands-on involvement provides an overall understanding how their website works.   Once the initial learning curve is mastered my clients are able to take over their site on their own. Ideally, no further assistance is need from a Webmaster.

Website Design for Artists in Marin County
  • Personal Branding & Style Your art and personality can speak specifically for you and reflect what you do.

  • Clear Navigation I give careful thought to Page Content, layout and Page Navigation. No one should ever get lost while exploring your website. Your page content provides the most interactive information your site. Quality content allows your viewers the chance to participate and respond to you. Once you have captured your viewers attention your website needs to be informative and easy to move through. The information viewers are searching for must be obvious and valid.

  • Guidance or ongoing website maintenance after your site is launched if desired.

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