San Miguel de Allende

The streets and alleys of San Miguel are decorated with alluring doorways, ornamental windows and uniquely patterned stone walls. Roof gardens sprout with life on top of sheltering home-fronts. It is a continuous display of life bringing texture, color and light onto a unique palette. Each new glimpse arouses an exciting curiosity that is usually left to imagination and inspiration to reveal.

It all began in my comfortably concealed Casita, where I felt like I could have stayed during my entire visit. I was never quite ready to leave its surrounding beauty and peace. But, each day I made my way down my steep cobble stone street, 28 Cuesta de Loreto. to the Centre where the city of San Miguel de Allenda came alive. 

It was a 15 minute walk to town and a $60 peso taxi ride back home.

And then there was Guanjuato for one day