Paper Art Quilt Collage – Artful Recycling 

New York Times  |  Lone Star quilt block pattern

Paper quilt collages are made with familiar paper products that are gradually being phased out of our everyday lives. These items that have long been a part of our day to day routines and are now slowly being replaced with digital technology.  In the near future we will no longer reach for maps, telephone books, magazines, sewing patterns, cook books – we will mostly rely on reading books digitally and researching needed information online.

Paper Collage Quilts

Paper Collage Quilts use the basic block patterns found in traditional American quilting such as The Lone Star, The Log Cabin, The Pinwheel. These block patterns all have historical roots and have inspired many quilt variations in the last 200 years. Paper quilting brings the art of traditional fabric quilting into a creative new place. It recognizes traditional fabric quilting while providing a revised new look.  We realize paper is also gradually finding a new place in recent history.  Paper can be thought of as the new version of The Fabric of our Lives.

Traditional American Quilts are now seen as Art

Originally quilting was not thought of as an art. It was a practical opportunity for reuse and recycling of fabric. Quilting was done to save money and for a lively social activity in the home.  Today fabric quilting is primarily viewed as an art or a craft. The necessity of making quilts has lost it's original significance. But, the popularity of quilt making continues in Arts & Crafts areas. However, now the production of originally hand-made fabric quilts is mostly done by machine  another example of technology taking over.


Portfolio below displays variations of traditional quilt block patterns made with paper.

Background Check

Five years of my art career were spent as Creative Director for an international fabric company that catered to the quilting industry. This introduced me to Quilt Making and I have now witnessed its transition from the homemaker’s necessity into the world of Arts and Crafts.

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