San Francisco Museum of Modern Art is at the top of my favorite places to be inspired while having fun.

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art is at the top of my favorite places to be inspired while having fun.

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My California upraising has inspired me to see the world through the eyes of an artist  — always looking for a little bit more than meets the eye. This is probably my original escape from reality. 
My background experience in Fine Art and Graphic Design gives me valuable artistic insight that I apply to my work.  I enjoy seeing the creative side people and watching their hidden originality surface. I like to Awaken & Exercise Creative Awareness.   I thrive on curiosity — seeing the "same old thing" in a new way is my Wake-up Call.

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It's an Inside Job.

My growing passion is involving myself in private investigations -  in search of hidden talents and treasures that can be found in everyone. It's my feeling that everyone is sitting on a creative goldmine.  I believe  "Anyone can be an artist" - it just needs to be uncovered.   It's time to start mining for your diamond in the rough.
Can you imagine yourself as an artist?  If not an artist how about an appreciation for where your love of art is coming from? I am a art sleuth. I will help you discover your creativity —  the creativity you say you don't have. 

Anyone with an "an eye for" art can find a path to a deeper place within them where that vision is waiting to be expressed. This personal resource fuels the capacity to express  creative potential to reflect in  personal lifestyle.



My 15 Minutes
A few years ago my coffee paintings  caught the eye of Marin Independent Journal's lifestyle editor, Vicki Larson. She wrote an article on my coffee art and plugged an exhibit at the Coffee Roaster's in San Anselmo.  Read the article  The show introduced to the idea of painting with coffee - rather than just drinking it.  There was something "friendly" about coffee that I hadn't realized and people were curious. Their unexpected interest in painting with coffee encouraged me to start my Coffee Painting Workshops. I realized I could teach "creatively blocked people" how to paint if they used coffee instead of "real paint" just to get started. Coffee was familiar and that made people feel less intimidated - even to just talk about the possibility of picking up a paintbrush suddenly became a possibility. It became painting without paint because we all know that coffee isn't paint.