The Fine Art of Painting with Coffee

I have been painting with coffee for many years. It is similar to watercolor painting but easier to use  - and it is readily available and affordable. Last year my coffee paintings caught the eye of Marin Independent Journal's editor, Vicki Larson. She wrote an article on my coffee art and plugged an exhibit at the Coffee Roaster's in San Anselmo.  A lot of interest in visiting the show and being introduced to the idea of painting with coffee was been generated because of her article  Read the article  This unexpected interest in painting with coffee encouraged me to start my Coffee Painting Workshops. I realized I could teach "creatively blocked people" how to paint if they used coffee instead of "real paint" just to get started. Coffee was familiar and that made people feel less intimidated - even to just talk about the possibility of picking up a paintbrush.

the Coffee Painting Workshops

These workshops have enabled many frightened artists to experience a creative freedom they had be previously been unaware of. The workshops  are  small groups of three or four at the most. They are taught in very safe environments with close personal attention and direction. They are fun! For detailed information about these workshops and How to Paint with Coffee follow this link.        Coffee Painting Workshop 

Painting with Coffee | The Basics

Coffee Painting for Dummies could be a real book because it's that easy for anyone. The hardest part is just getting started - jumping in. Stop telling yourself you can't. The technique of painting with coffee is similar to watercolor painting but it's much easier  because the color range is limited to one color. The addition of pencil helps keep things in place!  Read more about the technique  Everything you need  to get started!

Coffee & Pencil Painting Portfolio

More information about Workshops & private lessons 

 Coffee Painting Workshop